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There are three questions i get asked all the time. How short are you? 4’10’. Can you twitch your nose? Yes but the jury is out on wether or not its cute. And What the hell made you join a cult? Sounded like a good idea at the time? No. No one joins a cult. There isnt a cult match finder or flashing neeon lights pointing the path to the Wizard. At least not until hindsight. Then the Man behind the curtain of Oz is obvious to trace. Hindsight provides a clarity and understanding that only comes with experience. And a lot of being honest with myself, about myself.

How am I going to be able to tell people what i know about Narconon and its unethical business structure? That it IS Scientology? and about the lack of training, the absence of medical personell? That the goal is to have these people coming for drug treatment to be prepared to take Scientology courses by graduation of the Narconon ( NN hereto).

I could tell you how we sold the program to families desperate to pay whatever they could for their loved one to get treatment. I could tell you how the courses were all Scientology, nothing regarding addiction or changing patterns or habits. Nothing about 12 Step or support or giving back. I could tell you about the Purification Rundown, the sauna sweat regime that people do for hours a day for weeks and more on end. I could tell you about the staff and students having sex. I could tell you about how there is zero self reflection going on but we are out back yelling at concrete ashtrays to Stand Up! I could tell you all that and more and we haven’t even got to the covert stuff.

I could go back and try to do a timeline chronologically accurate of my time with the cult. I could try a billion different approaches and none of them would be sufficient enough to carry the weight and absurdity of my life at Narconon and the subsequent outcomings.

So instead I will just come about it organically. Having said that I will tell you the one thing I tell everyone when discussing the cult of Scientology and Narconon;

From here on out, very little will make sense.

But I’m going to give it my best shot…

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    1. Speak your mind loudly! With force to show the CO$ and everyone reading know you aren’t afraid! You have a powerful voice waiting to be heard! There is so much power behind your voice, Samantha! I, for one stand beside YOU! I know many others do as Well!

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