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Trying to live a normal life while in Scientology is not merely impossible, its a sign of weakness,a lack of desire to do your part in Clearing the Planet.

Youve probably (hopefully) seen Live Aid footage. Queen at Wembley playing Radio Gaga to 70,000 yearning fans. Partway through the song Freddies doing arm movements and clapping , the crowd following along in a near perfect impromptu mimimcry. A sea of arms and hands moving as one like they’d been doing this dance for ages. Imagine the energy there, its viable even now through a screen. Youth, hope, energy, love, excitement, sexual, togetherness coming together without a bulletin or a rehersal or an email or text. Thousands , moving together as one whole to make the moments.

Now take those 70,000 and put an Iphone in each hand and continue with the above. You will end up in the biggest mosh ever. Nailing one another willy nilly without any cohesion nor communication that makes any type of sense. Half the people are looking down trying to see what they are missing in front of their faces. The other half are wailing chaos clouds. Nothing but chaos. Confusion. Unable to be one of the orignal 70,000, unable to reach that simple strength that you can only get from others. The harmony absent and the only story telling going on is the lies you tell.

And the one you tell yourself every morning;


“Keep going, it will eventually make sense, all these people can’t be wrong. Today I will do better.”

But you cant do better because you’re not one of the 70,000. You made your decision and you learn you better make the most of it because there is no easy way out thats going to get you to the show on time.



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